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Parazitii da te n gatul matii, Dă-te-n gâtu' mă-tii! versuri

Fuck you and your mother in the throat I assume you can hear me now.

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Do you have a leadership role but you you suck? Do you have personal interests so you steal the public's money? Are people kissing your ass because you have money though you're an uneducated redneck?

Do you receive money to promote bad quality music? Did you suck dick to get a recording contract?

  1. Parazitii - Payback (Da-Te-N Gatu&#; Matii) Lyrics
  2. Parazitii - Payback (da-te-n Gatu' Matii) Lyrics
  3. Олвин, однако, отнесся к делу куда серьезнее, чем того ожидал Джизирак.
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Do you lick your boss' ass so you can become a smaller boss? When the parliament that's been elected is unable to represent me, I don't give a shit who comes out president The DJ on the radio only cares about audience When only the public should be giving out his parazitii da te n gatul matii I'm saying this measuring my courage in desperation Because between 84 andthere's no difference If my power was centered in my fist Id send you all to different worlds And Id populate the insane asylum, restrained by a leash When you go back, we remain alone-that sucks But I am ok with myself- at least we tried I have no money to give to actors that Have no space on the platform even in the most obscure recording 'Fuck you and your mother' is the reply to your life When I don't give a shit about money cars fame and clothing!

Parazitii da te n gatu matii. Meniu de navigare Dacă la acestea adaugăm dubla variantă de prezentare — cenzurată și necenzurată — precum și apariția pe vinil motiv de bucurie pentru posesorii de platanecred că am adus deja destule argumente pentru ca Primii 10 ani să nu lipsească din colecția oricărui ascultător de Hip-Hop din țară. Iar dacă "primii" și "primul" apar de mai multe ori, despre "ultimul" putem vorbi doar în contextul albumelor lansate de Paraziții sub blazonul Rebel Music.

This verse is anti-stress- say it as often as possible When I'm on the microphone, inevitably- I'm having fun Those that sympathize with stupidity are the ones leading This is in bad taste and it's provoking ulcers- no one asked for this You ask yourself why I express myself so harshly?

I'm made in such a way, it's my nature to fuck you in the mouth!

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I assume you can her me now- fuck you and your mother fuck you and your mother fuck you and your mother You're sucking our dick anyways and we're laughing; fuck you and your mother! I bring 2 hands to my mouth and say "MMMmm i don't give a shit" -Yo Ombladon, let me speak, fuck you!

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Since we're talking about filling up the morgue Let's raise our hands to the maestro Mr. Yo but can you shut up!? Dude leave me alone, what the fuck?

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Anyways he deserves his shitty destiny Then hit him in the head with the trunk I'll hit him with my dick! Hey John, you don't even have respect for Horia Moculescu?

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How the fuck can I? Not îndepărtați papilomele plate for Paunescu? He backed the communist regime Duuuude you'e going to get me arrested- get the fuck outta here asshole.

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Hey Mr. Dj, how much money do you get for promotions? How come Parazitii have no room on the radio? They don't have enough money or they're too 'heavy?

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