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The management of these areas is carried out with the view of their conservation and sustainable usage of biological resources they generate, according to international and national law's provisions. Wetlands are important for: water regime's adjustment, as floodable spaces, in order to take sudden water flow's increase; microclimate stability; numerous species of plants and animals that find refuge only in these optimum conditions of survival and development; the maintenance of ecologic balance; soil humidity adjustment and erosion diminution; the conservation of aquatic ecosystems' biodiversity, the living place for many plant and animal species; water quality control by means of chemical purifying as well as by decreasing the belajar terus biologi filum platyhelminthes of organic and nutrient substances; flooding mitigation and the decrease of flooding effects; the supply with fresh water for the local communities; an important role in education, research, recreation etc.

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One of the most important ambassadors for nature conservation, Dr. Taking into account the speed with which challenges related to protected areas are both changing and growing, there has never been needed before a human capacity well-trained for managing this fact.

As far as territorial organization of this service is regarded, for a better surveillance, D. The general climate characteristics of The Danube Delta are those temperate-continental, with differences between western and eastern areas induced by the bordering continental influence, respectively the maritime one or between the northern and southern ones with opening to The Russian Plain, respectively The Northern and Central Dobrogea's Plateau.

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Generally, the climate of The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve is determined by the continental, pontic, maritime influences and air in advection Bogdan, The geomorphological particularities low altitude, the relative uniformity, the absence of major orographic obstacles on the way of the main air masses advection and the wide opening towards all wind directions determine common climate features which impose periodic and non-periodic variations to all meteorological elements.

There are also climate influences determined by morpho-hydrographic particularities and those of the zonal vegetal coverage.

Pastile de oxiuri pentru copii Cele mai bune comprimate pentru viermi pentru copii Cele mai evidente oxiuri din comprimatele de oxiuri la copii sunt o mâncărime severă a presiunii rectale la un copil, care este mai gravă noaptea. Această afecțiune este periculoasă, deoarece atunci când copiii sunt pieptănați, poate provoca o infecție sub piele, care duce la un proces inflamator și complică și mai mult situația. Durerea abdominală și greața pot apărea în invaziile severe. În acest caz, simptomele sunt completate de tablete toxice de oxiuri în sistemul nervos la copii, deoarece mulți viermi emit mai multe toxine.

Locally, the complex topoclimates of the fluvial delta, fluvio- maritime delta and Razim — Sinoe Lake Complex's are developed and a multitude of anthropogenic and natural elementary topoclimates. Climatically, the area of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve represents the resultant of the positive extremes' main manifestations: the highest values of solar radiations and, implicitly, of the Sun shining duration; the highest air temperature values on Romania's territory; the biggest persistence of clear weather, especially during summer at noon time; Vİİİ the lowest multiannual average amount of precipitations; the largest amount of precipitations fallen within short time intervals 24 and 48 hours ;long intervals with dryness phenomena and climatologic drought on the first three places in the country as frequency, duration and intensity ; high wind frequencies and speed — the highest energetic values in the country; the high intensity of evaporation and evapotranspiration; the increased frequency and intensity of dangerous meteorological phenomena rain and snow downfall, fog, blizzard etc.

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They are an important category of primary producers, being both directly and indirectly involved in carrying out the functions of aquatic ecosystems and ecotone areas. The eutrophication, the geo-morphological modifications or the climate changes are all challenges to which aquatic plants will react differently.

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To conclude, we wish to point out the importance of the habitat types and for The Danube Delta and to draw attention on the danger of some particular aquatic macrophyte species' expansion, belajar terus biologi filum platyhelminthes competitive under the actual conditions provided by the delta. The information presented in this chapter does not constitute a red list of The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve.


The aim is to elaborate a compendium on the basis of reference works with a view to facilitate the access, in the field, to information on the sozological status of superior plants conservatively important. Out of the total number of the recorded cormophyte species in DDBR, have been selected, of conservative interest, and 39 considered extinct, not found recently or insufficiently known.

According to some authors Dihoru et Negrean, ; Ciocârlan,the causes of species extinction are anthropogenic, mainly manifested in reduced habitat and important changes in the floristic spectrum, natural causes through the degeneration of some species and the sudden destructive modification of certain climate factors.

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It is considered that the monitoring of these species evolution needs to be carried out once in 5 years on the basis of the recorded global positioning points in Ciocârlan, Up to present, this type of monitoring has been achieved only for the species conservatively significant at European level, namely: Marsilea quadrifolia, Aldrovanda vesiculosa, Echium maculatum, Centaurea pontica and Centaurea jankae.

Among these, only Centaurea jankae, sub-endemic species for Romania, is considered with stable population. The species considered adventives have not been included even if their status is vulnerable or rare.

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Among the presented species, from the origin perspective, the Euro-Asiatic ones prevail, followed by the Mediterranean, European, Pontic and Pontic-Mediterranean ones. Under sozological aspect, by comparing information from different years Oltean et al.

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Locally, there is displayed data with concern to spreading, so that, in the field, the searched species should be looked for within a more restricted perimeter of D.

İX Ch. The knowledge concerning these invasive species thus becomes highly significant, particularly when we have to deal with an internationally protected area such as The Danube Delta. The harbours of Sulina and Tulcea, and also Reni, Ismail and Belajar terus biologi filum platyhelminthes Ukrainethe last two settled on Chilia branch, may constitute entering gates for the alohtone species into The Danube Delta, at the same time with goods transported on water.

Tourists may also become, sometimes even involuntarily, vectors for some alohtone plants.

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How many times, after a trip in the nature, have we noticed fruit or seeds of some plants on us? This is one of the simplest ways that a plant should get from a place to another.

Besides people, animals may represent an important vector for the invasive plants.

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Within The Danube Delta, we frequently see how cows and horses bear with them, clung in their tails and manes, the fruit of spiny cocklebur. Birds can transport large fragments of plants, seeds, spores for long distances on their claws, beaks or feathers.

Absorbanți pentru curățarea corpului cu viermi Cum să scapi rapid de viermi acasă? Viermii sunt periculoși pentru sănătate și au un efect dăunător asupra membranelor mucoase, țesuturilor și organelor.

On the other hand, it has to be mentioned that wetlands have an increased vulnerability compared to other ecosystems and are susceptible to be invaded both because of the suffered disturbances Pino et al. The most common landscape unit in this area is represented by reed habitats which cover a surface of about ha, out of which the mono-dominant reeds comprise approximate Hanganu et al.

In The Danube Delta, reed is harvested for roof construction, reed mats, for the manufacturing of thermo-isolating boards in construction business, as material for fence building, fuel, and fodder for animals and matter for the production of cellulose.

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Reeds also provide habitat for fish fauna and wildlife, contribute to nutrient absorption from eutrophic waters, to reduce heavy metals concentration and to retain sediments.